Timur Yakubov

Timur   Yakubov   was   born   in   Moscow,   Russia.   At   the   age   of   5,   he   was admitted   to   the   famous   Gnessin   Music   School,   where   he   studied violin    with    Natalia    Fikhtengolz.    In    1994,    he    was    invited    by    the Russian   Culture   Foundation   to   join   the   New   Names   International Program.   This   introduction   paved   the   way   for   long   series   of   concert engagements    in    International    Chamber    Festivals.    His    extensive concert   tours   covered   major   world   capitals.   He   thus   performed   as soloist   in   chamber   music   concerts   and   as   orchestra   concert   master in Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Mexico and France. In   1994,   Timur   entered   the   Moscow   State   Conservatory   where   he studied    under    Professors    S.    Kravchenko    (violin),    A.    Koshvanets (violin)   and   D.   Shebalin   (string   quartet).   In   2000,   he   was   admitted   to the    Geneva    Conservatory,    where    he    studied    with    Professor    G. Takács-Nagy    as    first    violinist    of    the    Quatuor    Fratres,    which    he founded.    Timur    received    a    special    award    from    the    Foundation Kiefer   Hablitzel   in   2001,   a   competition   organized   by   the   Association   of   Musicians   of   Switzerland   in   Bern.   He   also   appeared   on   Russian   TV, has   released   three   CDs   as   principal   violin   of   Gnessin   Virtuosi   Orchestra   and   appeared   as   a   guest   on   the   Roman   Mints   CD   “Game   Over”.   He is   a   permanent   participant   of   the   festival   “VOZVRASHENIE”   held   in   Moscow.   In   2008,   Timur   was   appointed   Assistant   of   Professor   G.Takasc- Nagy   in   La   Haute   Ecole   de   Musique   de   Genève.   Timur   is   currently   Professor   at   the   Geneva   Conservatory.   As   a   member   of   the   Quatuor Fratres,   Timur   became   a   laureate   of   the   International   Chamber   Music   Competition   in   Caltanissetta,   Italy   (2000).   It   was   through   the   Festival de   Santander,   Spain   in   2002   that   the   Quartet   received   the   opportunity   to   study   with   R.   Schmidt,   member   of   the   Hagen   Quartet.   Quatuor Fratres   has   worked   with   some   major   chamber   music   personalities,   such   as   Valentin   Berlinski   of   the   Borodin   Quartet,   Philippe   Audoli   of the Quatuor Ludwig, Sandor Devich of the Bartok Quartet as well as Sigiswald and Barthold Kuijken. In   2005   the   Quatuor   Fratres   were   awarded   First   Prize   of   the   Concours   de   Musique   de   Chambre   de   l’Association   des   Amis   et   Anciens   Elèves du   Conservatoire   Supérieur   de   Musique   de   Genève.   Later   that   year,   they   obtained   the   Honor   Diploma   as   finalist   of   the   Joachim   Chamber Music   Competition   in   Weimar,   Germany.   In   2006   the   quartet   was   awarded   the   First   Prize   of   the   Musica   Antiqua   International   Competition in Brugges, Belgium.
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