Pavel Strugalev

Pavel   Strugalev   was   born   in   Moscow   in   1970.   He   graduated   from the   Gnessin   Specialist   Music   School   in   Moscow   and   Detmold   High School   of   Music,   where   he   was   also   an   assistant   of   professor   G. Shmalfus.      Pavel   is   a   winner   of   the   Russian   National   Competition for   Wind   Players   and   the   Fernand   Gillet   Intrenational   Competition.     Pavel   is   one   of   a   few   oboists   who   have   been   honoured   with   a   solo recital   in   the   famous   Carnegie   Hall   in   New   York.      Pavel   has   held   the position   of   the   first   oboist   with   the   Dresden   Philharmonic   Orchestra and   the   orchestra   of   Neue   Philharmonie   Westafalen.      He   founded Das   Neue   Trio   and   Homecoming   Woodwind   Ensemble   (with   Dmitri Bulgakov)   and   took   part   in   its   first   project   –   the   world   premiere   and recording   of   Bach’s   Goldberg   Variations,   arranged   for   woodwind quartet   by   Russian   composer   Andrei   Eschpai.      Pavel   is   a   regular guest   at   the   Homecoming   festival   in   Moscow   and   co-autor   of   the idea of the Hiiumaa Homecoming Festival.
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