Petr Savinkov

Petr    Savinkov    entered    the    Gnessin    State    Music    College    in    1994 (Choral     conducting     department).     He     graduated     in     1998     with honours    degree    and    became    the    student    of    The    Tchaikovsky Moscow   State   Conservatory   in   the   class   of   prof.   Boris   Tevlin.   During his   years   in   the   Conservatory   he   was   a   soloist   of   a   prize-winner Conservatory   Chamber   Choir   (Italy-1998,   Germany-1999,   Austria   - 2000,   Poland-2003   and   others.)   conducted   by   prof.   B.Tevlin.   In   2001- 2002   Petr   Savinkov   also   took   a   course   of   composing   in   the   class   of prof.   R.Ledenev   and   the   postgraduate   course   in   choral   conducting in 2005. Since   2002   P.Savinkov   is   the   precentor   of   the   male   Choir   in   the St.Eligah   Church   in   Moscow.   With   this   male   Choir   he   recorded   a   CD “To    Thee    we    sing    and    Thee    we    praise”    and    given    a    number    of concerts    of    Russian    religious    music    in    the    Red    Square    and    The Trade and Industry Chameber of Russian Federation. Since    2003    Petr    Savinkov    teaches    students    of    The    Gnesins    College    (conducting,    choral    scores    reading,    choral    literature,    choral arrangement and choral ensemble). As artistic director (since 2008) and chef conductor of the Chamber Choir of Gnesins College he won the following prizes: The International Choral contest in Poland (2007) lll prize The International contest “Modern art and education “ in Moscow I prize in Choral singing The European choral contest “Chorus Inside 2008” in Moscow I prize in category “Choral Arts” The   International   contest   “Modern   Art   and   education”   in   Moscow   2010   Grand   Prix   in   the   nomination   “Music   performance   and   pedagogical skills”. In   2013   Petr   Savinkov   was   appointed   Chief   Conductor   of   the   Great   Academic   Choir   of   the   Gnesins   College   (while   preserving   his   post   of   Art director and chief conductor of the Chamber Choir) and was also invited to teach in The Russian Music Academy named after the Gnesins.
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