Peeter Sarapuu

Peeter   Sarapuu   is   a   renowed   bassoon   player,   chamber   musician, concertmaster   and   pedagogue.   His   repertoire   comprise   preferably early   music   played   by   original   intruments   (Baroque   and   Classical bassoon)   and   also   contemporary   music   and   solo   programs   often include French music. Peeter   Sarapuu   began   music   studies   on   flute   at   Kiviõli   Children´s Music   School,   which   he   gradusted   in   1978.   Studies   continued   at Georg    Ots    Tallinn    Music    School    (graduated    at    1982)    and    Tallinn National     Conservatoire     (graduated     at     1989),     both     under     the guidance   of   Andres   Lepnurm.   In   1991–1992   Sarapuu   developed   his skills in Helsingi, receaving private lessons by László Hara. In   1982–1983   Peeter   Sarapuu   worked   at   Estonian   National   Opera Orchestra    and    in    1985–1991    at    Estonian    National    Symphony Orchestra   (1989–1991   an   assistant   concertmaster).   In   1991–1993 Peeter   Sarapuu   played   at   the   Chamber   Orchestra   of   Lapland,   in 1993–1998    Sarapuu    was    the    concertmaster    of    Vaasa    City    Orchestra.    Since    1998    Sarapuu    works    at    Estonian    National    Symphony Orchestra   (since   2005   as   a   concert   master).   In   addition   Sarapuu   has   teached   bassoon   at   Rovaniemi   Music   School   (1991–1993),   West Bothnia   Music   School   and   Kuula-opisto   Music   Institute   in   Vaasa   (both   1994–1998).   Since   1998   Peeter   Sarapuu   is   Head   of   Old   Town   Music School. Peeter   Sarapuu   belongs   since   1992   to   The   Finnish   Double   Reed   Society   (FDRS,   finnish   abbreviation   SOFS)   and   since   2001   to   International Double   Reed   Society   (IDRS).   Sarapuu   has   also   acted   as   a   soloist   and   chamber   musician.   As   a   soloist   Sarapuu   made   his   debute   in   1986 playing   W.   A.   Mozart´s   Bassoon   Concerto   with   Estonian   National   Syphony   Orchestra,   in   addition   has   Sarapuu   played   solo   with   Chamber Orchestra    of    Lapland,    Vaasa    City    Orchestra    and    cooperated    with    NYYD    ensemble,    Drottningholm    Baroque    Ensemble,    Sixth    Floor Orchestra   (Kuudennen   Kerroksen   Orkesteri)   and   Opus   X   Ensemble.   Sarapuu´s   repertoire   comprise   preferably   early   music,   which   is played   by   original   instruments   –   Baroque   and   Classical   bassoon.   He   also   playes   contemporary   music   and   his   solo   programs   include often French composer´s music. Peeter   Sarapuu   has   given   recitals   at   several   festvals   such   as   „NYYD“   (since   1991),   MaezerMusic   (since   2003   in   Berlin),   at   the   festival Musica   Antiqua   Bruges   (2003),   Europamusicale   (2004   in   Berlin,   Wiesbaden,   Leipzig,   München)   and   Aterforum   (2005   in   Italy).   He   has made   recordings   for   Estonian   Public   Broadcast   and   has   been   soloist   at   several   CD-recordings   such   as   Eino   Tamberg´s   „Concerto   Grosso“ (Estonian   National   Symphony   Orchestra,   conductor   Arvo   Volmer),   Toivo   Tulev´s   „Be   Lost   in   the   Call“   (NYYD   Ensemble,   conductor   Olari Elts) and „Beauty of History“ (Corelli Consort).
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