Roman Mints

Roman   Mints   was   born   in   1976   in   Moscow   and   began   playing   the violin    at    the    age    of    five.    In    1994    Roman    won    a    Foundation Scholarship    to    the    Royal    College    of    Music    in    London,    and    also studied   at   the   Guildhall   School   of   Music   and   Drama,   winning   prizes at    each.    His    teachers    were    L.    Svetlova,    N.    Fikhtengoltz    and    F. Andrievsky. Roman   Mints   has   given   Russian   premieres   of   works   by   Desyatnikov, Golijov,   Tavener,   MacMillan,   Scelsi   and   Mozetich   and   has   also   given world    premieres    of    over    fifty    works    by    Tabakova,    Desyatnikov, Bennett,   Finnissy,   Irvine,   Langer,   Vassiliev,   Burrell,   Miyachi,   Duddell, and others. In    1998    Roman    Mints    and    oboist    Dmitry    Bulgakov    founded    the Homecoming   Chamber   Music   Festival   in   Moscow,   which   has   gained widespread   recognition   and   a   substantial   following   in   Russia.   The   core   of   Homecoming   concert   programmes   are   themed   selections   of works   with   one   powerful   underlying,   but   not   necessarily   musical,   idea   behind   them.   Since   the   inception   of   the   festival,   Roman   has authored   more   than   forty   such   programmes.   In   April   2002,   Roman   co-directed   the   Suppressed   Music   project   in   Russia,   which   comprised two   concerts   and   a   conference   on   composers   whose   music   had   been   suppressed.   A   book   and   CD   were   released   as   a   result   of   this   project, by the Klassika XXI Publishing House. Roman   has   recorded   for   ECM,   Black   Box,   Quartz,   and   other   labels,   and   his   albums   feature   a   number   of   world-premiere   recordings.   An album   of   works   by   Dobrinka   Tabakova   for   ECM   was   nominated   for   a   Grammy   Award   for   Best   Contemporary   Compendium.   Roman   has collaborated   with   conductors   Andrew   Davis,   Saulius   Sondeckis,   Vladimir   Ziva,   Vladimir   Ponkin;   violinists   Gidon   Kremer,   Alina   Ibragimova, Boris   Brovtsyn,   Alexander   Sitkovetsky;   flautist   Sharon   Bezaly,   oboists   Dmitri   Bulgakov   and   Nicholas   Daniel;   pianists   Katya   Apekisheva, Alexander   Kobrin,   Charles   Owen,   José   Gallardo,   Vadym   Kholodenko;   cellists   Boris   Andrianov,   Alexander   Buzlov   and   Tatiana   Vassilieva; violists Maxim Rysanov and Nils Mönkemeyer; singers Gweneth-Ann Jeffers, William Purefoy, Anna Dennis and others. Roman    has    performed    with    such    prominent    groups    as    London    Mozart    Players,    London    Chamber    Orchestra,    Lithuanian    Chamber Orchestra, Musica Viva Orchestra, Russian Philharmonia, Kremerata Baltica, Prague Soloists and Prague Sinfonia, among others. In   Summer   2008,   after   an   invitation   from   Gidon   Kremer,   Roman   led   the   Grammy-winning   Kremerata   Baltica   Orchestra   for   performances in the Sigulda and Lockenhaus Festivals. Outside   the   classical   field,   Roman   has   worked   with   free-improvising   saxophonist   Paul   Dunmall,   the   Brian   Irvine   Ensemble,   Pokrovsky Ensemble,   and   Russian   IDM   group   EU.   He   has   also   participated   in   several   theatre   productions   including   Langer’s   Ariadne   and   Stravinsky’s Soldier’s   Tale.   He   has   worked   with   theatre   directors   Vasily   Barkhatov   and   Tim   Hopkins,   choreographers   Alla   Sigalova   and   Oleg   Glushkov, and   film   director   Alexander   Zeldovich.   His   recording   of   Mozetich   Violin   Concerto   ‘Affairs   of   the   Heart’   was   used   in   productions   by   Hong Kong Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the Q-dance company. Roman’s   latest   cd   of   solo   works   for   violin   by   Ysaye,   Schnittke,   Piazzolla   and   Silvestrov   uses   innovative   recording   and   editing   approach   to interpreting   these   works   and   will   be   released   in   2014.   The   album   also   includes   a   world   premiere   recording   of   Spinning   a   Yarn   for   violin and kolesnaya lira (Russian hurdy-gurdy) by Dobrinka Tabakova. Roman recorded both parts using multi-tracking. The   latest   album   featuring      works   by   Russian   composer   Leonid   Desyatnikov   was   received   very   warmly   by   the   press,   including   five   star review from BBC Music Magazine. In August 2017 Roman gave a UK premiere of Faradzh Karayev’s chamber orchestra arrangement of Berg’s Violin Concerto.
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