Homecoming Vocal Ensemble

Homecoming   Vocal   Ensemble   was   created   in   2016.   The   ensemble consists     of     soloists     of     the     Chamber     Choir     of     the     Gnesins College.The   Chamber   Choir   of   the   Gnessin   College   under   direction of     Petr     Savinkov     has     been     a     frequent     participant     of     the Homecoming   Festival,   which   takes   place   annually   in   Moscow   for more   than   20   years.Being   the   same   age   as   the   festival,   during   its existence    the    choir    became    a    laureate    of    many    international competitions,    was    the    owner    of    two    gold    medals    at    the    Choir Olympics   in   Riga   in   2014.   Laureats   was   awarded   in   the   nominations "Spiritual   Music   a   cappella"   and   "Chamber   Choirs".In   the   repertoire of    the    choir,    the    music    of    various    eras    and    styles:    Russian    and Western   spiritual   classics,   the   music   of   contemporary   composers rarety   performed   in   Russia.At   the   Hiiumaa   Homecoming   Festival 2017,   the   ensemble   of   soloists   of   the   Chamber   Choir   the   Homecoming   Vocal   Ensemble   will   perform   works   of   contemporary European and Russian composers.
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