Leonid Guryev

Leonid    Guryev    graduated    from    the    Tchaikovsky    Moscow    State Conservatory   in   1997.   His   teacher   was   a   professor   J.A.   Usov.   He passed    an    internship    in    The    Luxembourg    Conservatory    in    1998- 1999.    Leonid    Guryev    also    graduated    from    the    postgraduated training    in    Moscow    State    Conservatory    (classes    of    professor    J.A. Usov    and    professor    J.E.    Vlasenko).    Then    he    studied    to    play    the baroque   trumpet   in   Germany   (class   of   professor   E.   Tarr)   and   in Austria (class of professor A. Lakner). Leonid   is   a   laureate   of   The   Second   International   Competition   of Trumpet-players    (Moscow,    Russia,    1997)    and    The    International Competition       for       Wind       and       Brass       Instrument       Players (Markneukirchen, Germany, 1998). Leonid     Guryev     works     at     State     Symphony     Orchestra     “Novaya Rossiya”. During   last   years   he   performs   in   chamber   ensembles,   he   is   also   a   member   of   Moscow   State   Conservatory   soloists   ensemble   “Studio of   new   music”.   He   performs   with   leading   musicians   of   Russia   –   L.   Golub,   N.   Kozhukhar,   H.   Gerzmava,   A.   Gizba,   G.   Knysh,   E.   Melnikova and   others.   Leonid   Guryev   toures   with   various   orchestras   such   as   The   Chamber   Orchestra   “XXI   century   ensemble”   (conductor   is   L. O’Riordan), The Russian-American Youth Orchestra, The Moscow Soloists Chamber Orchestra. From 2000 till present Leonid Guryev has a class of baroque trumpet in Moscow State Conservatory. Since   2003   till   present   he   teaches   «Methods   of   learning   to   play   wind   instruments»   and   «History   of   wind   instruments   performance»   in The Central Musical School at Moscow State Conservatory. Since 2006 till present Leonid has a class of specialty “Trumpet” in Moscow State Culture Institute. Among professional hobbies of a musician – playing on natural instruments, performance of baroque music.
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