Maria Esphai

Maria   Eshpai   was   born   in   1986   in   a   family   of   artists   in   Moscow (Russia). She   started   to   have   piano   lessons   when   she   was   5,   and   at   the   same year    she    began    to    study    at    the    Special    Central    Music    School    in Moscow with professor A. Bakulov. In   2003,   after   she   finished   her   9th   year,   Maria   made   a   decision   to move   to   Music   College   and   to   study   with   merited   artist/professor   I. Ossipova.      2005      Maria      entered      Moscow      State      Tchaikovsky conservatory and in 2010 she finished it with the Best marks. These   years   she   played   a   lot   of   concerts   and   took   part   at   many festivals    master    classes    and    competitions    all    around    the    world: England,   Denmark,   Italy,   France,   Spain,   Greece,   Germany,   Finland, USA,       China,       Brazil,       Russia       (Richter       Festival       in       Tarusa, “Homecomming”     in     Moscow,     International     “I.Kandinskaya     and “Persona”    presents”    Festival    in    Togliatti).    In    2006    Maria    won    the International Piano Festival NLPS in London and had a solo concert at St. Martin in the Fields.    In   2011   she   had   her   solo   debut   at   the   Moscow   Philharmonia,   Chamber   hall.   The   concert   had   a   great   success   and   since   that   time   she   plays there every year. She   also   played   several   times   with   the   biggest   Russian   symphony   orchestras   such   as   BSO   (Tchaikovsky   Big   Symphony   Orchestra)   under V.Fedoseev,   GSO   (   Svetlanov   Big   Symphony   Orchestra)   under   M.Gorenshtein   and   A.Sladkovsky,   St.Petersburg   Filarmonic   Orchestra   under V.Zeeva. Since   first   time   she   came   to   Denmark   (2008)   she   started   to   have   some   lessons   with   outstanding   Danish   musician,   great   teacher   Anne Øland. Maria became a regular participant in Opus festival in Aarhus (2008-2015). In   2011   Maria   Eshpai   went   to   Denmark   to   make   her   Solo   program   education   at   Det   Jysk   Musikkonservatorium   in   Aarhus   (with   professor Anne   Øland)   and   finished   it   in   November   2013   by   playing   Solo   debut   concert   at   the   Music   House   in   Aarhus   and   pre-debut   tour   around Denmark. During   the   years   of   studding   in   Denmark,   Maria   has   been   organizing   several   concerts   and   events   dedicated   to   the   music   of   Carl   Nielsen and   Andrei   Eshpai   (her   grand   father   and   one   of   the   biggest   Russian   composer),   participating   in   many   different   festivals,   playing   solo   and chamber   music   recitals   all   over   the   country,   soloist   with   Randers   chamber   orchestra,   accompanying   at   the   competitions   (fxl.   Danish   string competition),    courses,    exams,    master    classes    and    regular    concerts    at    Det    Jysk    Musikkonservatorium    (Aarhus/Aalborg),    Det    Fynske Musikkonservatorium (Odense/Esbjerg).    In   August   2012   she   received   Harby   Fond   stipendium   and   has   been   honored   to   play   Mozart   concerto   at   the   big   hall   of   Copenhagen Conservatorium. In 2014 she had her debut as a soloist with Odense Symphony Orchestra with the piece by her grand father Andrei Eshpai. In   2015   she   made   the   project   together   with   “Ganhøj   Dans”   company   where   she   performed   the   solo   piano   version   of   the   hall   ballet   “The Rite   of   Spring”   by   I.Stravinsky.   In   2016   she   continued   successful   cooperation   with   Granhoj   Dans   making   modern   version   of   Stravinsky’s “Petrushka”.
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