Anton Dressler

Described    by    the    Italian    newspaper    Corriere    della    Sera    as    a clarinetist   of   “spellbinding   sensibility”,   with   a   “superb   intonation,   a unique   sense   of   intimacy”   priced   by   the   Bologna   “Resto   del   Carlino”. His   appearances   as   soloist   include   such   countries   as   Italy,   Belgium, Germany,     France,     Russia,     Sweden,     Usa,     Israel     and     Taiwan, performing   with   Mischa   Maisky,   Julian   Rachlin,   Jean-Yves   Thibaudet, Boris   Petrushansky,   Itamar   Golan,   Ingrid   Fliter,      Alexander   Kobrin, Olga   Kern,   S.Petersburg   Quartet,   Aviv   Quartet,   Moscow   Chamber Orchestra,   The   Seasons   Chamber   Orchestra   etc.   He   participated   in different    music    festivals    such    as    “Festival    Dei    Due    Mondi”    in Spoleto,     “Portogruaro     Festival”,     Aspen     and     Colmar     Festivals, “Homecoming”   Chamber   Music   Festival   in   Moscow,   “Four   Seasons” in S. Petersburg, “Kissingen Sommer” etc. Born   in   Moscow   in   1974,   he   concluded   his   studies   at   the   Moscow   Conservatory   under   the   leadership   of   L.Mikhailov   and   V.Sokolov;   at   the Bologna   Conservatory   with   Italo   Cappicchioni;   participated   in   master   classes   by   A.   Pay,   S.   &   W.   Meyer,   E.   Daniels   and   F.   Meloni.   He   has won   first   prizes   in   competitions   such   as   the   “Young   Talents   of   Soviet   Union”   in   Russia,   International   Competition   in   Stresa,   “Ponchielli Competition”   in   Cremona,   “Rovere   d’Oro”   (Italy).   He   was   awarded   the   Diploma   of   Promising   Soloist   in   International   Clarinet   Competition   in Markneukirchen   (Germany),   second   price   at   the   International   Music   Tournament   (T.I.M.)   and   the   third   prize   at   the   “Valentino   Bucchi” International Competition in Rome. Deeply committed to the chamber music repertoire, he is one of the founding members of the modular “Kaleido Ensemble”. Devoted   to   the   music   of   our   time,   Mr.   Dressler   has   premiered   numerous   works   and   several   composers   such   as   U.Brener,   E.Podgaiz, M.Bronner,   A.Rosenblat,   E.Galperin,   A.Chaikovsky,   have   dedicated   their   compositions   to   him.   His   passion   for   live   electronics   has   brought him to broaden his repertoire and develop new programs and compositions. Mr.   Dressler   has   joint   various   orchestras   as   first   clarinet   such   as   “Jeunesses   Musicales   World   Orchestra”,   “Padova   e   Veneto”   chamber orchestra, “Orchestra da Camera di Mantova”, “Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano” Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica di Savona and such. Anton   has   taken   part   as   well   in   various   jazz,   klezmer   and   crossover   projects,   performing   with   Uri   Brener   (in   AntUr   Duo),   Elias   Faingersh, Arcady Schilkloper among others. Dressler   has   recorded   the   Messiaen’s   “Quatuor   Pour   la   Fin   du   Temps”   for   “Atopos”,   Italy,   Overture   on   Hebrew   themes   by   Prokofiev   for “Russian   Seasons”,   a   CD   of   Russian   Music   for   clarinet   and   piano   for   “Cryston”,   Japan   and   featured   in   the   CD   “Leonid   Desyatnikov:   The Leaden Echo” by the UK label Quartz.
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