Frédéric D’Oria-Nicolas

"A   pianist   of   wide   culture,   with   a   keen   intelligence,   sensitivity,   open- mindedness    and    imagination    in    keeping    with    his    extraordinary virtuosity"      Vladimir      Tropp,      Frédéric      D’Oria-Nicolas      is      "an exceptional,   subtle,   powerful   and   elegant   pianist"   Classiquenews,   "a master     of     symphonic     storms     and     images”     Midi-libre.     The intelligence   of   his   programmes,   his   generous   personality   and   the particularly   warm   contact   which   he   maintains   with   his   audience   do make   him   an   exceptional   artist:   "Listening   to   Frédéric   D’Oria-Nicolas playing   Scriabin   has   been,   for   me,   the   most   intense   pianistic   shock since Horowitz." Aldo Naouri.   After   six   years   in   Moscow,   Frédéric   D’Oria-Nicolas   graduated   from the    Moscow    State    Gnesin    Academy    of    Music    from    the    class    of Professor   Tatiana   Zelikman.   He   has   also   received   the   advice   of   distinguished   musicians   such   as   Dmitri   Bashkirov,   Lev   Naumov   and Vladimir   Tropp.   His   career   has   been   punctuated   with   many   awards:   the   Classical   Revelation   Prize   of   the   Year   by   the   ADAMI,   the   First prize   at   the   Saint-Petersburg   Mravinsky   Competition,   the   competition   of   the   Bleustein-Blanchet   Vocation   Fund.   He   has   also   been rewarded   by   the   Charles   Oulmont   Foundation   and   the   Mécénat   Musical   Société   Générale.   In   2009   Frédéric   D’Oria-Nicolas   was   elected "Artist of the Year 2009" by Resmusica (member of MIDEM). His   record   dedicated   to   Schubert   for   the   Fondamenta   label   was   unanimously   greeted   by   critics.   “From   the   very   beginning   of   the Sonata   in   B   flat   D960   by   Schubert,   we   are   struck   by   a   very   beautiful   sound   which   leads   us   into   that   outstanding   piece   as   in   a   dream. Indeed,   such   control   of   the   sound   isn’t   given   to   everyone   and   contributes   to   the   bewitchment   we   feel”   Pianiste   Magazine   "Frédéric D'Oria-Nicolas   has   captured   the   essence   of   the   twenty-third   sonata   outstandingly.   In   addition   to   the   exceptional   sonority,   the   style   is natural,   steady,   assured   and   elegant"   Concertonet   "Frédéric   D'Oria-Nicolas’s   vision   is   both   spectacular   and   humble,   never   forced   upon us but always guided, so that it leaves us in suspense, plunged into a musing close to ecstasy” Resmusica In   2010   Frédéric   D’Oria-Nicolas   along   with   the   violinist   Svetlin   Roussev   recorded   a   CD,   dedicated   to   the   3rd   sonatas   by   Grieg   and   by Medtner   for   the   Fondamenta   label.   That   recording   was   acclaimed   by   the   major   critics   in   all   Europe   and   was   granted   most   major   prizes, such    as    the    «    M    »    of    Mezzo    Channel,    Choice    of    France    Musique,    Clé    Resmusica,    4    Stars    Classica,    5    Diapasons.    “Remarkable interpretation,   all   in   sensitivity   full   of   images   and   emotions   is   worthy   to   the   one   recorded   in   1928   by   Kreisler   and   Rachmaninov” L’Education   Musicale   "A   fascinating   recording"   Presto   Classical      "That   recording   with   its   attractive   presentation   and   its   impeccable sound   recording   exudes   the   love   for   music:   a   harmonious   work   of   architecture   and   passion"   Concertonet   “Roussev   and   D’Oria-Nicolas managed   perfectly   to   bring   to   mind   orchestral   sonorities   imagined   by   Medtner   with   wonderful   tonal   vibrancy   and   arresting   colouring." Classic FM Magazine Strong   of   his   almost   320-work-repertoire,   Frédéric   D’Oria-Nicolas   has   performed   in   more   than   20   countries   –   in   venues   such   as   the Moscow   Tchaikovsky   Conservatory,   the   Hermitage   of   Saint-Petersburg,   the   Tbilisi   Conservatory   (Georgia),   the   Tretyakov   Gallery,   the Scriabin   Museum,   the   Gaveau   Concert   Hall,   The   Arsenal   Concert   Hall   of   Metz,   the   Oratorium   du   Louvre,   the   Saint-Petersburg   White Nights   Festival,   the   Hamamatsu   Act   City   (Japan),   the   Shanghai   Oriental   Center   (China),   the   Kuhmo   Festival   (Finland),   the   Estate Musicale   di   Portogruaro   (Italy),   the   Amsterdam   Grachten   Festival   (Netherlands),   the   Bratislava   International   Festival   (Slovakia),   the Festival   de   Saint-Denis,   the   Festival   de   Prades,   the   Festival   de   Colmar…   He   is   regularly   invited   at   various   French   and   foreign   radios   and television   channels   such   as   France   2,   France   3,   Kultura   (Russia),   France-Musique,   France-Culture,   Radio-Classique…   In   2009,   the noteworthy   Two   Piano   recital,   which   Frédéric   D’Oria-Nicolas   gave   with   Alexander   Kobrin   at   Gaveau   Concert   Hall   in   Paris,   has   been broadcasted several times by MEZZO Channel, in 39 countries. As   a   popular   chamber   music   partner,   Frédéric   D’Oria-Nicolas   plays   with   Alexander   Kobrin,   Svetlin   Roussev,   Lise   Berthaud,   Xavier Phillips,   Nicolas   Dautricourt,   François   Salque,   Amaury   Coeytaux,   Kristina   Blaumane,   Yan   Levionnois,   Romain   Leleu,   Raphaël   Perraud and Laurent Naouri. This has led him to take on the artistic direction of Fondamenta Productions in July 2008. During   the   seasons   2011-2013,   Frédéric   D’Oria-Nicolas   will   perform   in   France,   Switzerland,   Luxemburg,   South   Korea,   China,   Taiwan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.
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