Victoria Calvo Ordoñez

Born    in    Spain,    she    carried    out    her    Bachelor    studies    at    the Conservatory   of   Music   of   Aragón   (Zaragoza   ,   Spain   ),   finishing   with Honors   in   Flute   and   Chamber   Music.   Later   she   moved   to   Germany, where   she   currently   lives   ,   to   continue   her   studies   doing   a   Solist Master with János Bálint at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold . She    has    participated    in    several    orchestras    in    Spain:    Camerata Aragón,    Orquesta    Ciudad    de    Granada    Academy,    Orquesta    de Cadaqués,   Orquestra   del   Reino   de   Aragón,   Orquesta   de   Castilla   y León;    and    Germany:    Bergische    Symphoniker,    Philharmonisches Orchester    Hagen,    Symphonische    Orchester    des    Landestheaters Detmold, Neue Philharmonie Westfalen, among others. About   Chamber   Music   achievements,   she   took   part   of   a   Tour   with the   Camerata   Aragon   and   Solists   from   the   Berliner   Philharmonic   at the    Berliner    Philharmonie;    participated    at    the    Peter    de    Grote Festival   in   Groningen   (Holland)   with   the   Ensemble   Cruciaal,      Ensemble   Academia   para   la   Nueva   Musica   in   Zaragoza   (Spain),   as   well   as Season Concerts from CAI in Zaragoza with various ensembles. In 2017 she gave as well Masterclasses at the Conservatorio Profesional de Musica Manuel Quiroga in Spain. Since 2016 she is  employed by the Philharmonie Südwestfalen Orchester (Germany) as Solo Flute.
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