Dmitri Bulgakov

Dmitri    Bulgakov    graduated    from    the    Gnessin    Music    School    in Moscow   and   Detmold   High   School   of   Music.   Dmitri   is   a   winner   of the    Russian    National    Youth    competition,    the    Russian    National Competition    for    wind    players,    R.    Lauschmann    Competition    in Cologne    and    TWIYCA    Competition    in    the    UK.    Dmitri    is    also    a recipient   of   the   GWK,   DAAD   and   Triumph   Awards.   Dmitri   is   in   high demand   as   a   soloist   and   chamber   musician,   he   has   taken   part   in numerous   festivals,   including   the   Graz,   the   Elba   and   the   Oldenburg Festivals.   He   has   performed   with   a   number   of   orchestras   under conductors   such   as   L.   Markiz,   S.   Sholtesh,   V.   Ziva,   D.   Kawka   and   D. Sitkovetsky.   His   concert   with   Philarmonie   Essen   was   broadcast   live by   3sat-Live   TV   channel.   Dmitri   has   made   numerous   recordings   for radio   and   television.   In   1998   Dmitri   and   Roman   Mints   founded   the Homecoming    Chamber    Music    Festival    in    Moscow.    In    April    2002 Dmitri    co-directed    the    Supressed    Music    project    in    Russia,    which consisted   of   two   concerts   and   a   conference   on   composers   who   where   physically   supressed.   During   the   years   running   the   festival   Roman Mints   and   Dmitri   established   themselves   as   unofficial   leaders   of   the   younger   generation   of   musicians   (quoted   from   the   Vremya   Novostei newspaper).   In   2005   Dmitri   and   Pavel   Strugalev   founded   the   Homecoming   Woodwind   Ensemble,   whose   first   project   was   the   world premiere    and    recording    of    Bach's    Goldberg    Variations    for    Quartz    Music    QTZ2051,    arranged    for    woodwind    quartet    by    the    Russian composer   Andrei   Eschpai.   Currently   Dmitri   divides   his   time   between   performing   and   teaching   at   the   Gnessin   School   and   the   Moscow Conservatoire.   Currently   Dmitri   divides   his   time   between   performing   and   teaching   at   the   Gnessin   School,   the   Moscow   Conservatoire   and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.
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