Kristel Aer

Kristel   Aer   is   an   organist   who   actively   performs   at   churches   both   in Estonia    and    abroad.    She    has    given    recitals    in    Latvia,    Denmark, Finland,   Sweden,   Netherlands   and   Russia.   Aer   also   has   participated at    Tallinn    International    Organ    Festival,    at    Estonian    Academy    of Music   and   Theatre   and   Klassikaraadio   concert   serie   „Orelitund“   („An organ    hour“).    She    has    cooperated    with    with    Estonian    National Opera   Orchestra,   Tallinn   Chamber   Orchestra   and   several   renowed Estonian    interpretes    such    as    Maano    Männi,    Pirjo    Levandi,    Sigrid Kuulmann-Martin   and   Juuli   Lill.   Kristel   Aer   is   also   regular   performer at    aestival    concert    series    such    as    „The    Sonorous    Sounds    of    the Organs of Saaremaa“ and organ festivals in Pärnu and Narva. In   1992   Kristel   Aer   graduated   from   Tallinn   National   Conservatoire on   conducting   under   the   guidance   of   Kuno   Areng,   having   also   studied   organ   with   Hugo   Lepnurm   and   Ines   Maidre.   In   1992–1999   Kristel Aer   continued   studies   at   The   Sibelius   Academy   studying   organ   under   the   guidance   of   Markku   Heikinheimo   and   harpsichord   with   Anssi Mattila.   In   addition   Kristel   Aer   has   developed   her   skills   at   The   Rojal   Danish   Academy   of   Music   with   Hans   Fagius   and   has   participated   in masterclasses of Luigi Fernando Tagliavini, Ludger Lohmann and David Sanger. Kristel   Aer   has   worked   as   an   assistant   conductor   of   youth   ensemble   „Kurekell“.   In   1993–1995   Aer   conducted   mixed   choir   "Helsinkin   Laulu" and   won   III   prize   at   international   competition   in   Czech   Republic   (1995).   In   1997–2000   and   since   2003   Kristel   Aer   works   as   an   organ   teacher at   Georg   Ots   Tallinn   Music   School   and   has   also   developed   organ   teaching   program   of   the   school.   Since   2001   Aer   works   at   Institute   of Theology   of   Estonian   Evangelical   Lutheran   Church   and   has   paticipated   at   church   music   program   development.   Kristel   Aer   is   member   of Estonian   Organ   Society   (since   1999),   she   belongs   to   the   management   of   Hugo   Lepnurm   Music   Society   and   has   also   belonged   to   the management   of   organ   restoration   foundation   of   Juuru,   Kadrina   and   Hageri   churches.   Since   2007   Kristel   Aer   leads   the   concert   serie   "Juuru Orelisuvi". Kristel   Aer   has   been   one   of   editors   of   composer   Peeter   Süda´s   organ   works   and   has   written   preface   for   the   edition   (2004).   She   has   also releaved articles in newspapers and magazines such as „Eesti Kirik“ and „Muusika“.
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